Why Women Over 50s Are Drunk About Dating Younger Men

Dating younger men is a very potent aphrodisiac for many older women. These women like it so much they have earned the name of cougars, a creature that is known for being wild and going after meat. Why are older women dating younger men though? Let’s find out.

older women dating



 Young Men Have Energy

Most men lose their sexual drive at a certain age, they also tend to lose their day to day energy too. Young men have a lot of energy and can keep up with an older woman who probably still has most if not all of the energy from when she was young. In fact she is looking for someone who can keep up with her and make her feel like she was young again.

She Likes The Immaturity

To some extent the cougar looking for a younger man is looking for someone who still has that immaturity spark. Someone who still likes to party and go out at night. It helps them get into a swing of things that men their age are mostly no longer interested in.

Younger Guys Make Her Feel Special

For some reason many older people don’t dote on those that they are dating as much as a younger man does. A younger person is likely to say sweet things, buy flowers, and take a woman out to a special location. This is probably because it is still expected of them from society and they have the energy to. No matter what the reason, doting on a cougar is a good way to make a good friend.

She Likes Telling Her Friends That She Has a Boy Toy

Both women and men like to gossip and cougars love to be able to tell their friends that they have a younger boy toy. It makes them feel like they are special. Even when they feel embarrassed about it, it is in a good way because they know they were able to snag that young boy toy.

She Feels Beautiful Again

Whether you’re an older man or an older woman you feel special when anyone younger shows you attention. The fact that a cub would want to even be in a relationship with her let alone have sex makes her feel young and beautiful again.

She Likes Being In Control

When dating younger men a cougar is in control. She is the one that knows more positions and knows exactly what to do to make him happy. She enjoys the chance to take control of someone younger and bend them to her will. The cougar also enjoys the chance to instruct him on the various ways to pleasure a woman. It makes her feel help and as if she is passing on knowledge.

Less Commitment

With a cougar relationship there tends to be less of a commitment. The young men know that they aren’t in it for the long term (for the most part) and neither are most cougars. You talk about the bounds of the relationship up front and you get to enjoy yourself without having to worry about commitment. It’s nice to be free of the ties of a normal relationship. Normal is no fun anyways.

Now that you have seen why women over 50 are drunk about dating younger men you might be left wondering how to find a cougar. The best way to find a cougar is to use a cougar dating site. Cougar dating sites are becoming more and more prominent on the internet. The second best method for finding a cougar is to attend local cougar/cub activities. More than likely there is a cougar/cub activity group in a city near you. These activities are only open to those looking for cougars and cubs so you don’t have to worry about miscommunication and potential embarrassment. You can also head on over to your local bar and look for older women who are alone but this could lead to miscommunication. Some young men don’t like this idea because it puts them in an awkward position.

There are a lot of reasons that a women over 50 might be drunk about dating younger men. Now that you have seen them on the screen it is time to go experience them in real life. Get off your chair and go explore one of the above locations to see what dating a cougar is really like.